a very happy new year 2006 to all

happy new year

welcome to dorris.org. as 2006 starts, it is our wish that everyone have as happy a new year as possible. the year 2005 was a rough one for our family as serious illness consumed much of our time. because of that, i neglected this poor website and allowed it to get horribly stale and outdated.

therefore, i begin the new year by starting development on a new website. now, rather than bore everyone with an endless collection of "page under construction" placeholders, i am putting this simple homepage in place until the new one is at least mostly complete.

please check back (we hope) in early february for the unveiling of the new and improved dorris.org. i will do my best to meet this deadline. however, i am starting a new masters program at university of denver. since i am not sure how much of my time that endeavor will consume, i will state right now that this may be a little delayed. once again, i will do my best. thank you for your patience.